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What’s Your IG IQ?

This week, we’ll be celebrating Global Information Governance Day (GIGD).

Internationally, GIGD is a day-long event intended to raise awareness of information governance. Over the past few years, there has been more focus on information governance than ever thanks to industry experts as well as the good work done by the Information Governance Initiative. And while more businesses are adopting IG disciplines, products and services to support their growing data management challenges, there’s still a long way to go when it comes to establishing best practices and universal understanding.

To see where you stand when it comes to IG, take our IG IQ quiz. It’s six true or false questions; but if you need to brush up first, give our previous blog posts on IG a read.

IG IQ Quiz

True or False:

Question: Records managers should be solely responsible for IG programs.

Answer: False. In fact, records managers are one of three groups that should be part of implementing an IG program. Legal and IT departments are essential in planning for a strong program as they provide different perspectives that are critical to IG needs.

Question: To get started with an IG plan, an organization should complete a needs assessment.

Answer: True. In order to have a solid plan, an organization should absolutely complete a needs assessment to evaluate what information is business critical. Knowing which information is necessary for regulatory and compliance adherence, legal holds or business operations, is essential for determining actionable next steps for an IG plan.

Question: The end-user level is where there are the most challenges to implementing an IG plan.

Answer: False. The top level (C-suite) needs to be shown the value of implementing IG as this group is the one that is most likely to not immediately recognize the long-term benefits it can have on cost and resources.

Question: The IT department should not be part of the planning for implementing IG plans and strategies.

Answer: False. Planning collaboratively makes for a much more successful implementation and IT is critically important in the beginning to determine how much space is needed for digital information and how to best handle security needs.

Question: Usually, technology purchasing and deployment decisions are made with careful consideration of information governance.

Answer: False. Companies often overlook the need to integrate information governance into tech buying decisions. The result is either strain on IT department to create solutions retroactively to adhere to the IG plan or leaves the company open to risk for security breaches or non-compliance.

Question: Information management and information governance are basically the same thing.

Answer: False. Information management is more about where data lives and how long it lives there, whereas information governance takes into account why the information exists in the first place. Information management remains extremely important, but information governance is the overarching umbrella that classifies information and therefore gives guidance for that information to provide a proper retention schedule.

Eager to sharpen your IG knowledge? Try your hand at the IG best practices quiz from TechTarget or explore the Information Governance Initiative’s blog.

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