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Top 10 Reasons Why State and Local Governments Should be Scanning Their Records!

1. You can find stuff faster - Scanning allows state and local governments to manage their records more efficiently – no more rummaging through piles of paperwork and pretending you know where that one document is.

2. You can let people know what you are doing – Scanning paper documents and putting them into an online portal helps the public know what rights they have without having to call you up and ask you.

3. You can protect your important information -- Physical records are prone to natural disasters like floods and scanning helps you keep them in a secure online repository, which helps you to sleep better at night knowing that your records are safely backed up in a digital cloud.

4. It's all about the money – No more (OK, fewer) towering stacks of file cabinets. You can now use that space and the cost of that space for something else (like a break room or ping pong table). Maybe even buy new couches.

5. The law says so – Remember that record that contained personal data that you needed to destroy because the retention period ended 15 years ago?

6. History should not (always) be repeated -- Preservation of Historical Records – Now, everyone can know your town’s history and sometimes even write about it!

7;. Decisions, decisions, decisions -- You can analyze documents placed (and organized) in an online repository using the latest data analytics and fact-based decision making methods.

8. Reduced Mailing Costs – Now, you can actually send the right documents securely online without having to find an envelope or pay for stamps!

9. You can survive audits (and still go home on time) – Now you can send records to regulators without having to search for the documents in your file boxes! Bonus if you taxonomize them!

And the number one way scanning can help municipalities improve their records management practices is...

Improved Efficiency: Scanning records helps state and local governments to streamline their records management practices, reducing costs, increasing accuracy, and improving productivity – so that they can do their job (and, hopefully, leave the office a bit earlier).


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