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Intelligent Automation Process Improvement and IG: 2 Peas in a Pod...

Anyone who has been following us knows that we believe in the deep connection between intelligent automation process improvement and information governance…. 

Here are some of the key ways that adhering to information governance best practices can boost intelligent automation:

Retention: Using a defensible retention schedule ensures that data is current, reducing system clogs and enhancing decision-making accuracy. It also aids compliance with records retention laws and supports justifiable decision-making processes, such as in discrimination claims.

Data Privacy: Following strict data privacy guidelines helps protect sensitive information while enabling access for automated systems. This not only complies with increasing demands for data security but also builds trust among users and stakeholders, crucial for the successful adoption of automation solutions.

Data Security: Strong data security measures prevent unauthorized data access and are vital as automation systems often handle sensitive information. Organizations need to implement industry-standard protections like encryption and access controls.

Version Control: Effective version control of scripts and algorithms ensures that updates are managed and audited, reducing the risk of errors and disruptions, and allows organizations to revert to previous versions if necessary, ensuring continuity.

Automating the removal of redundant, obsolete, or trivial data improves intelligent automation by minimizing data clutter, enhancing process efficiency, and reducing storage costs.

Properly governed intelligent automation is not just more effective but also essential for maintaining compliance, reliability, and trustworthiness in organizational processes!

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