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How To Start An IG Process In Your Business

OK, so you want to start an IG process but are still trying to figure out how to sell it internally.

And you need to explain it to your decision-makers in plain English!

AND, you need to make a solid business case!

AND, you need to provide examples and metrics showing them why IG is not simply a cost center or an endless pit!

So…here is what you do.

You wait. And think. And get frustrated. And delay (and, then, rinse, lather, repeat, and worry some more)

There are strategies, though, that can help cut through some of the red tape on this.

Here is one:

Step 1: Explain why NOT managing your data and records can be harmful. Start with the broad analysis.

Step 2: Show how the poor data management is specifically bad for companies like yours (e.g., other tech companies)

Step 3: Quantify the danger (e.g. harm of X dollars on average)

Step 4:  Illustrate how IG best-practices can reduce the danger and makes things better – like IG reduces the risk of error that can lead to breach.

Step 5: Quantify that using metrics, illustrations, and use cases.

Step 6: Breathe.

Now, let's quantify that 😀


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