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Generative AI: Balancing Innovation and Privacy Concerns 🤖💡

Generative Artificial Intelligence is a category of artificial intelligence algorithms that generate new outputs based on the data they have been trained on – for example, ChatGPT. Individuals and organizations ranging from privacy advocates 🛡️, attorneys, legislators 📜, and various corporate departments or divisions 💼 in virtually every industry have raised concerns about the potential threats 🚨 that Generative AI poses to privacy 🔒 and confidential information 🏢.

So, what are these threats? 😱 Let's start with 3💥

🚨 Data Breach 🚨Generative AI could pave the way for more data breaches, identity theft, fraud, and all sorts of data disasters. 😫💳💣

💼 Loss of Competitive Advantage 💼 Imagine your confidential info slipping through the digital cracks and into the hands of your business rivals! 😬🕵️‍♂️

⚖️ Lawsuits⚖️ Your confidential data could become the ammunition for lawsuits – all that your organization “needs” is for a class action law firm to get ideas from Generative AI! 🔫📜

The good news is that there are a number of information governance strategies ✨that can help to mitigate these risks. Let’s look at some!

📜 Policies and Procedures! 📜 – Make sure that employee policies and procedures including onboarding materials emphasize the need for employees to avoid entering personal or confidential company data into Generative AI systems (both inside the office and from home) 🚫🤐

🔒 Access Controls! 🔒 Institute stringent internal access controls to prevent unauthorized access to confidential company data and create security protocols to prevent the uploading of that information into Generative AI systems

🏷️ Classification! 🏷️ Develop a uniform system of labeling data and records throughout the organization that allows employees to clearly identify and label records and other data as confidential so that they can take extra precautions. Bonus: It will also help them find the information that they need to do their jobs 💼, communicate better with the public, and provide the right information to regulators📜!

🎓 Training!🎓 make sure that employee training includes information about Generative AI and the potential threats and that your employees receive updates in language that they can understand about new technologies that are likely to pose a risk to personal data and confidential information🧠💡

🕵️ Audit 🕵️ Regularly monitor compliance and test your employees' awareness. Keep a watchful eye on how they handle data and adapt your strategies accordingly. 👀📋


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