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Available Services

We provide a comprehensive range of solutions tailored to preserve and manage institutional knowledge effectively. This includes services such as knowledge mapping, archival digitization, metadata tagging, and information governance consulting, all designed to ensure the long-term accessibility, integrity, and usability of critical organizational knowledge assets.

Needs Assessment

Conducting IG needs assessments to identify and evaluate gaps between current performance and desired outcomes within an organization, guiding future actions and resource allocation

Email Management

Providing IG-based email management programs that organize, store, and archive emails based on a retention schedule to enhance productivity, compliance, and information retrieval, streamlining communication and mitigating risks

Data Management Technology Choice/Evaluation

Assisting clients with data management technology evaluation by helping to select and assess data management tools and platforms that treat IG as a forethought that is "baked into" the system

Document-Out Fees 

Cooperating with service providers who can audit and renegotiate storage and perm-out fees to minimize costs and enable the removal of documents and other hard copies that are redundant, obsolete, or trivial


Cooperating with microfilm service providers who can preserve and convert documents into a reduced-size format on photosensitive film, to enable their long-term and compliant storage

Data Hoteling And Telecommuting

Cooperating with technology services providers specializing in data hotelling and telecommuting services that optimize remote work environments, enhance data accessibility, and improve productivity

Improving Searchability, Metadata, IG Practices

Creating strategies to enhance searchability and metadata practices that make digital assets discoverable and usable, ensure compliance, and facilitate effective information management

Information Governance Consulting for ESG/Sustainability Projects

Advising organizations on managing data to support ESG initiatives, ensuring compliance and accountability

Change Management

Integrating change management processes into our IG consulting program to help systematically manage organizational transitions to ensure successful adoption of new processes and technologies, address resistance and provide support

Record Centers

Cooperating with records centers that can cost-effectively and compliantly store, manage, and protect physical and digital records, ensuring accessibility, security, and compliance with retention policies

Long-term Digital Preservation

Connecting clients with long-term digital preservation service providers to enable the strategic planning and implementation of processes and technologies to ensure the strategic and compliant long-term accessibility, integrity, and usability of digital content


Creating and providing systematic IG training programs that transfer knowledge, skills, and competencies to improve performance and foster personal and professional development

Defensible Data Disposal

Creating processes to enable the defensible deletion of expired records and "junk" data to reduce legal risk and storage costs and improve efficiency

Move Management

Developing move management strategies to help organizations minimize their collections of hard-copy records prior to a significant move or downsizing effort in compliance with applicable retention and privacy laws

Records Center Administration Services/Organization

Cooperating with records center administration and organization service providers that enable the efficient, accessible, and compliant management, storage, and retrieval of physical and digital records

Scanning and Imaging

Cooperating with scanning and imaging providers who effectively digitize physical documents, ensuring efficient storage, retrieval, and management while enhancing accessibility and reducing physical storage needs

Vital Records Programs

Creating and managing vital records programs to identify, protect, and preserve essential records, ensuring their availability and integrity during disasters or crises

Seminars, Presentations, Webinars, etc.

Providing and conducting seminars, presentations, and webinars to enhance IG knowledge, and promote defensible and cost-effective content categorization, security, and retrieval practices

Retention Research

Connecting clients with a retention law database that provides a platform to enable them to understand the laws in over 180 jurisdictions

Artificial Intelligence Solutions/Systems Integration 

Cooperating with service providers specializing in information governance-based AI solutions, and systems integration services that optimize data management, enhance operational efficiency, and drive innovation

Complex Imaging

Cooperating with complex imaging service providers who can deploy advanced techniques for capturing and processing complex visual data, such as 3D imaging or multispectral imaging

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