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Chris Bednar, CRM, IGP

Managing Director, IG Consulting

Chris Bednar, CRM, IGP brings over 30 years of experience in information governance leadership and IG program management. Chris brings a proven track record of developing, implementing, and managing retention policies and procedures for large, global organizations, working closely with legal, privacy, IT/cybersecurity, risk, and line of business executives for leading organizations as well as significant thought and industry-organizational leadership in ARMA.

Chris's expertise lies in leading teams and projects, adeptly navigating legal complexities, and effectively managing information assets throughout their lifecycle. He excels in networking, bringing forth best practices, and leveraging innovative technologies such as AI to enhance training/awareness programs, streamline process flows, and conduct thorough risk assessments.

Throughout his career, Chris has demonstrated proficiency in creating and managing comprehensive records management programs, encompassing policies, retention/disposition plans, technology implementations, auditing procedures, and systems management.
His extensive experience extends to managing and improving information management, including eDiscovery/legal holds, records retention and destruction, data security, privacy compliance, contract management, conflict resolution, and training and awareness initiatives as well as managing offsite storage vendors to promote defensible, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective data management and destruction.

Chris has honed his skills through notable roles at a large international consulting firm and a leading life sciences company, where he made significant contributions to the effective utilization and protection of organizational information assets.

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