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Best Practices Fuel the Social Element of ESG Reporting

Did you know that information governance best practices can fuel the social element of ESG reporting, particularly in fostering diversity? 🌍🌈 Let's explore a compelling use case that demonstrates its transformative potential! 💪🔍

Consider a leading education tech company, Eduthingamabob. Last quarter, , Eduthingamabob’s Board proposed a new initiative to improve, Eduthingamabob’s workplace culture inclusiveness. Similar initiatives have been proposed in the past, but they have fizzled because they couldn’t be supported by the necessary data.

Bob in HR has just been given the task of analyzing about 20 terabytes of information (OK, maybe an exaggeration) to see what really matters to employees, identify needed improvements in diversity (on both a departmental and organizational level), benchmark 📐 the Board’s goals against what has been done by other companies, and to try to avoid the kinds of PR pitfalls that sometimes accompany these efforts.

He has no idea how to do this!!!!! 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

So, he calls in Jane from Facilities, and tries to replicate what she did for environmental compliance reporting – which was really successful.

With Jane's help, Bob puts together a robust information governance strategy that streamlines processes for data collection and analysis 📈🔒, promotes accessibility, gauges what kinds of efforts have worked, and clearly communicates how Eduthingamabob can increase its diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts AND improve workplace accessibility 🌍🌈 .

By implementing Bob’s and Jane’s practices, Eduthingamabob efficiently tracked the success of its diversity metrics, including representation across gender, ethnicity, and underrepresented groups, and also instituted a number of workplace improvements that benefitted employees with disabilities. 📊🌟

These successes enabled Eduthingamabob to showcase progress to their Board and shareholders, identify additional areas for improvement, and set further ambitious diversity and workplace improvement goals! 💼🌈

And from an ESG reporting perspective? 🙌 Now they have enhanced ESG reports that illustrate the company's commitment to diversity, attract like-minded talent, and foster stronger partnerships with diverse stakeholders. 🌟📋


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